Faq - Can't Wait to Learn


Who is the Can’t Wait to Learn app intended for?

The app is for Ukrainian children, both inside and outside Ukraine, in grades 1 to 4.

Why should my child or student learn through the Can’t Wait to Learn app?

It allows children to learn on their own, so it doesn’t require constant adult supervision. It also lets children learn at their own pace, so they can progress at a level that’s comfortable and appropriate for them. Children find the app fun to use, but it’s not just a game – they learn essential concepts and skills aligned with their grade level.

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is completely free.

Who has developed and funded the Can’t Wait to Learn Ukraine programme?

Osvitoria and War Child Holland have co-developed the programme in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Programme donors include the UBS Optimus Foundation, the Jacobs Foundation, the Roger Federer Foundation, and the Fourfold Foundation.

My question is not covered in this FAQ. How can I get further support?

If your question is not answered in this FAQ, you can see the Contact page for more information on how to access help.

How can I get the Can’t Wait to Learn app?

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and very soon it will be available for computers and laptops with the Windows operating system. You will need an internet connection to download the game, but you can use the app offline.

Can I install app on my computer/laptop?

The application will be available for download on your computer very soon! Fill out the form and we will immediately notify you when you can use your favorite application not only on your phone and tablet, but also on your PC!

How do I get started with the Can’t Wait to Learn app?

Please get started with this PDF tutorial.

You can also watch video instructions on how to use the app:

How do I get the latest version of the Can’t Wait to Learn app? How do I update the app?

Important updates will happen automatically in both iOS and Android. Non-essential updates will only occur if your device is set to automatically update to new versions of the app. If your device is not set up for automatic updates, you will need to change that setting or visit the Apple Store or Google Play to see if there is a new version.

How to download Ukrainian language and reading lessons?

Ukrainian language and reading lessons are already available in the app for download. To get started, you need to update your app to the latest version. After that, when entering the app, select the user and the subject "Reading". Next, choose the desired class and wait for the materials to be downloaded. If you have problems with the download, please email us at support@primary.org.ua and we will definitely help you solve them.

How will I know how far my child has progressed in the game?

On the caregiver panel, you can see what grade your child is in. If you click the child’s name, you will see a progress bar showing what percentage of that grade the child has completed and how much time they have spent playing the game.

How can I place my child into an easier or more difficult learning level?

Go to the caregiver panel, and click on the child’s account. From the child’s user dashboard, select the grade you want the child to be in.

What is the difference between the game’s grade levels?

Each grade level in the game corresponds to the same primary grade level in Ukrainian schools. For example, children playing the game at grade 1 will learn content and skills they would learn in a grade 1 classroom. These concepts and skills have been approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

My child is having issues with an educational concept. How can they get help?

If your child is struggling with a concept, here are some things they can do:

  • - learn directly within the mini game: the mini game will show the correct answer when the child makes a mistake, so they can learn as they play;
  • - watch the lesson video and animated mini game instructions again;
  • - leave the game and play some others; the game has a carefully structured progression, and playing another game may help them with a related concept;
  • - ask an adult, sibling, or friend to explain the concept to them.

Will new content be added?

Additional curriculum-aligned content for each grade level will be released throughout the academic year.

After completing part of the lessons, "Coming soon" is displayed. What to do?

Currently, only part of the lessons are available in the application. New lessons will be added to the application gradually.

What devices does the Can’t Wait to Learn game run on?

The Can’t Wait to Learn Ukraine game can be used on tablets and smartphones, using iOS (version 14 or newer) or Android (version 7 or newer) operating systems. The application will be available for download on your computer very soon! Fill out the form and we will immediately notify you when you can use your favorite application not only on your phone and tablet, but also on your PC!

Can multiple children have an account on the same device at the same time?

Yes! Here are two ways to choose which child will play:

  • - when you open the game app, you will see the list of users linked to your device;
  • - click on the user who will be playing next, and enter the password;
  • - if your child is already logged in and you want to switch to another user, go to the map screen and click on the child's user name – the switch-user button will appear (it looks like two people with arrows between them).

Can my child receive proof of completion once they complete the programme?

Can’t Wait to Learn does not provide certificates or other proof-of-completion documents. It is a supplementary education platform endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, providing autonomous distance learning and free materials — but it is not a certificate-issuing programme.

Where is my child's data stored?

We are hosting the data on Microsoft Azure cloud hosting based in the EU. Please visit this link for more information about privacy and data.

I have unstable internet connectivity. Can my child or student still play the game when the device is offline?

Yes! You will need an internet connection to download the app, but the app works even when the device is offline. When you have internet connectivity again, there might be an update to the game. Essential updates will occur automatically, but you may want to check the Apple Store or Google Play to see if there is a new version that has not been automatically installed on your device.

The app is frozen. What can I do?

If the screen is frozen and the app won’t let you do anything, first try to close the app and then reopen it. If that does not work, restart your device. If the app remains frozen after you have restarted your device, please write a message on support@primary.org.ua.

The game audio is not working. What can I do?

Here are a few things you can try:

  • - make sure your device’s sound is loud enough;
  • - if you see an audio speaker icon inside the app, check to see if it’s muted – if it is, click on the icon to unmute (If you don’t see the speaker icon, it is not yet offered in the version of the app you are using. It will be included in the next game release);
  • - make sure your device is not connected to a headset via Bluetooth, in that case, you will only hear sound while wearing the headset;
  • - if none of the previous steps help, restart your phone;
  • - if the sound issue persists, please send a message on support@primary.org.ua.

I have lost my child’s progress. How can I get it back?

At this time, progress information cannot be retrieved. Future versions will make this possible, so please stay tuned.

I'm a teacher, where can I get advice about the app as a teaching tool?

For more information, read the manual at the link.

You can also watch a video instruction:

Here you can learn in detail about the principle of filling the app with educational materials:

In this video guide, you can learn more about the characters, worlds and levels of the game: